Dear Church Family,
Your Church Board has been seriously and prayerfully considering the best timing and manner to return to in-person services. The time of “quarantine” has been difficult, but we think this in-between time may prove more difficult as each individual family is left to determine what they feel comfortable with. As a church, we feel that it is important to show care and grace to those who have the greatest concerns and are at the greatest risk. While we see people around us who have already returned to “normal” pre-virus behavior, we need to be mindful of those in our church family who have significant medical concerns, including cancer and ongoing chemotherapy treatment, pregnancy, immune problems, anxiety, and concerns due to age.
With these factors in mind, we have decided that we will begin church services on June 28, 2020 from 10:45am to 11:15am. Pastor Harold Bradley will continue to pastor us in this interim.
This is clearly an unprecedented time, and while we cannot guarantee your protection from this virus, we are doing everything we can to lessen your risk. We are extremely thankful for your continued support of our church with your prayers and generous giving. Please feel free to contact Steph or any of the Board members with questions or concerns.
God Bless,
Steph Galioto – Office Manager, (330)554-1333
Kathy Derita – (330)457-2779
Angie Stetler – (330)701-7560
Marilyn Galioto – (330)554-3267
James Taylor – (330)907-8051
Cindy Grand – (330)541-7934
Ken Taylor – (330)714-1030
Duane Klinzing – (330)603-9881
Amanda Wright – (330)858-9010
Craig Schrengauer – (330)631-7707

Questions regarding the situation?